Hi! Welcome to Rockleigh cafe.

The Café is owned and operated by the Tagidrau Family.

We love cooking for other people and people feeling like home. Our main goal when creating the space and culture that we have here at Rockleigh is to have a place where people  can connect and be who they want to be in comfort, and with great food. 

Our family is dedicated to making sure each and every customer has an enjoyable experience at Rockleigh.

Here at Rockleigh, we love great food and think there’s no better option than nestling into our gorgeous relaxing cafe with some great company.

Rockleigh is named after a dairy farm on the NSW Far South Coast.

We are proud of the food we produce at Rockleigh Café.

Local Fresh Ingredients

Our philosophy is to make everything onsite from local fresh ingredients, including our Ghee, alioi, relish and baked goods. Our bake goods are second to none, like our very popular Banana Bread, our daily fresh baked muffins, melting moments and our gluten free Orange and Almond, Brownie options. 

We use the finest, local ingredients. Our menu changes monthly as we ensure only the seasonal local ingredients are available for our customers

Qualified Chefs

Lisa is a qualified chef who enjoys traditional home style cooking that brings a perfect balance of old and new. Our menu has a great mix of vegan, vegetarian and meat lovers. There is something on the menu for everyone to enjoy. Lisa brings you super high quality dishes you know and love with a fusion of love of food and decades of experimenting in the kitchen to bring you the perfect treats you’ll be thinking about all day!

Top Quality Coffee

For those who love their coffee, we are pleased to offer Gabriel’s Coffee.  Gabriel’s continually source the world’s best green coffee offerings and are committed to providing you with awesome coffee.

Local Tea

Tea drinkers will also be impressed with our range of local tea. Madura Tea is nestled amongst the pristine rainforest and rural farmland in Northern NSW. They are located about a 15 minute drive from Rockleigh Café. We offer about 9 Madura Teas and during the summer months we offer the tea as an Ice Tea option. Mudura Teas offer a tea that is pure, healthy that is bursting with flavour and is naturally low in caffeine.